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Hand-Tied and Tape-In Extensions

The best way to take care of your extensions is to take care of them as you would your own hair. - Wash your hair with a sulfate-free salon quality moisturizing shampoo. - Brush your hair regulary with an extension brush morning and night. - Braid or tie your hair back loosely to sleep. This will help to prevent tangling. - Moisturize using a hair oil through the ends daily or every other day to prevent tangling. - Use Dry Shampoo in between washes - Keep conditioner on the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. Stay away from the scalp, and the bonding of the extensions. - Do NOT go to bed with wet hair. - A silk pillow case is essential in keeping your extensions from tangling up while sleeping. It also helps with unnecessary friction on your hair and extensions. - When using sunscreen becareful to not get it on the hair. Especially sunscreens containing the chemicalsAvobenzone and Octocrylene. Blonde extensions are susceptible to discloration from the sunscreen and can turn pink or orange in patches. Mineral sunscreen is the best!

Eyelash Extensions

-Avoid water for the first 4 hours after application of lashes. The adhesive used to attach the extension to your natural eyelashe takes approximately 4 hours to completely cure. During that period, exposure to water, or even steam, could weaken the adhesive, causing the extension to fall prematurely. - Cleaning your lashes with a foam lash cleanser - Do not rub your eyes - We advise not to wear mascara with your lash extensions. If it becomes a must that you wear mascara, its vital that you use a water-based mascara. The more mascara is applied then the build up is harder to clean off the eyelash extensions. - Brush your lashes daily. Once in the morning and once in the evening. - Do not use oil based products around or on the eyes. - Stay on top of your lash fills (recommended every 2 to 3 weeks)

Brazilian Blowout

Extend the life of your Brazilian Blowout with these tips - Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos. We strongly recommend only using clean, gentle sulfate-free shampoos to touch your scalp and hair. Lavish provides the Brazilian Blowout shampoo that goes with the treatment as well as other clean shampoo options in the salon. - Shampooing your hair up to three times a week, will help keep your treaatment working like it is supposed to. When you shampoo your hair daily you are stripping the hair of your natural oils. - Using the Brazilian Blowout serum is the perfect way to protect your hair from the sun, ocean and chlorinated pool water. - Deep-Condition your hair 1 to 2 times a month. Doing this will help to rejuvenate your hair by adding essential amino acids and moisture, as well as keeping the dreaded frizzies away. - Heat protectants are a must when using heat to your hair. Doing this will help to keep the hair shiny, smooth and the overall heatlh of your hair good. - Sleep on a silk pillow case. This will help to avoid unnecessary friction to the hair. - Hair color results. It is best to color the hair before the Blowout treatment, this will allow the formula to seal in your color. If you prefer to color post Brazilian treatment, then you need to wait for a couple of weeks or more. Your hair has been coated with a protective protein layer and needs time to settle in. If you ignore this tip, then color results could look uneven.

Blonde Hair Services

How to take care of your Blonde Hair. - A Heat Protectant always needs to be used when styling your hair with heat tools. - Keep your hair hydrated. It is recommended to invest in your hairs health with a good leave-in conditioner and/or a deep repair mask. - Protect hair against sun and swimming. Wear a hat, or protect your locks with a UV protectant. Before going in chlorine or sea water, make sure to drench your hair in clean water first. Then it wont soak up as much of the chloring or salt. - Book regular trims. For a bouncier blonde that looks fresh and flawless, we recommend booking every 6-8 weeks for a haircut to keep your split ends gone.

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